Sunday, October 31, 2010
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Corona Pilot's Association

DON'T FORGET - This Saturday, October 23rd is the AJO Clean up beginning at 8:00am.  Let's make AJO as flood ready as possible!  Bring a friend!

The October AJO Flyer Newsletter is ready to view! Just click on the link to the left!

POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER - CHECK BACK FOR UPDATE -Next Fly-Out is Borrego Valley on October 16th. We will be meeting for a pilot brief at 10:45, if you need a ride or have an extra seat, please let us know! We will meet at the restaurant at noon! Remember sharing your plane with non flying members will help cut the fuel costs!

REMINDER: It is that time of year again! The toy drive is on for the Wings of Faith Ministry (CPA member Dale Whinery heads this up!) and their delivery to those children who look forward to this time every year! You can help by bringing a new toy to the next CPA meeting! Yolanda has volunteered to collect the toys and get them to Dale. If you would like more information on helping to fly the supplies/toys to their final destination, contact Dale at the Wings of Faith Ministery at their NEW location on the field!

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NOTE: We are condensing our membership list to reflect active members who are current on dues. If you would like to continue to receive updates via email, please submit your dues ASAP. Membership forms can be downloaded from the site and dropped off at the Nunally Hangar (to Wally or Jim) or brought to the next CPA activity/meeting.

Follow Bern! - Bern Heimos is at it again, but this time we can come along! Follow Bern on his Hudson River Trek in his Piper Cub! Click on the link below!

The September AJO Flyer is ready to view! Just click on the link to the left!

Derk jeter most proud of

Congrats to the NEW - new board: (R - L) President - Glenn Whetzel, Vice President - TBA, Treasurer - Wally "I'm takin' a Cruz" Lucett and Secretary - Dave Palacios! Good luck and we are looking forward to another great year! Marty Bernal resigned as President at the June CPA meeting. If you are interested in running for the office of VP, we are looking for a new candidate!

For Prado Dam Status - click on link in Menu

JOIN THE CPA ! - New members always welcome! Application can be downloaded from the Menu!

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